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Our Pedicures that will suit your busy lifestyle and budget.

Mini Pedicure

Price                                    £ 6.50

Duration                           30 mins

A mini Pedicure sees the nail shape re-defined. The cuticles  are pushed back to reveal a longer nail plate.

Finally a base coat, a colour coat and a top coat are applied.

Spa Pedicure

Price                                     £17.00

Duration                              1 hour


This treatment sees all of the above with extra time taken to pre soak the cuticles before cutting back any dead skin.

A foot and calf massage is enjoyed before the nails are covered.

Luxury Spa Pedicure 

Price                                    £ 22.00

Duration               1 Hour 15 mins

Indulge your feet in a treatment that exfoliates and nourishes. All cuticle work is carried out as above before you receive a foot and calf massage.

A mask is then applied and wrapped guaranteeing a younger looking skin.

Finally the nails are coated with three layers as above.