Dazzling Nail & Beauty Salon

An Affordable Beauty Salon In Newport


We have eight different Massage treatments for you to choose from, all of them are guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate you.

We also have a selection of ' Hot Stone Massages' listed below.

Full Body Massage      

Price                           £ 25.00

Duration                     1 Hour

Our full body massage is a massive stress buster designed to relax and rejuvenate those aching muscle groups. Once you enter the beauty room you will immediately start to feel an overwhelming sense of calmness, scented candles a softly lit room and enjoyable music will help you further enjoy a truly relaxing experience.

Half Body Massage

( Back and Shoulders)


Price                               £ 15.00

Duration                        30 mins

The half body massage targets those problem areas allowing you to feel de-stressed and relaxed after only 30 minutes.

Deep Tissue Massage.  


Price                              £ 20.00

Duration:                      1 Hour

The ' Ultimate relaxer' , an intense massage that works deep into the tissue alleviating tension throughout the body leaving you totally invigorated.

This treatment can be altered to work through any problem areas you may have.

Indian Head Massage.  


Price                             £ 15.00

Duration:                    30 mins

An ancient treatment that works on the pressure points in the neck and shoulder region. Feel the tension melt away and indulge yourself in a feeling of pure relaxation.

Mum to be Massage.  

Price                            £ 25.00

Duration:                    1 Hour

'Enjoy it whilst you still can', allow us to alleviate those aches and pains which form part of the magic of being pregnant. Unwind for an hour and relieve the pressure on your joints and muscles........don't forget to get him to pay.  

Aromatherapy Massage. 
Price                            £ 30.00

Duration                     1 Hour  

Close your eyes and feel yourself unwind in an 'Atmosphere of total Indulgence', allow the aromatic properties of these soothing oils to ease all of your aches and pains and transport you to a place of surreal comfort and pleasure.

The Back treat     

Price                             £ 18.00

Duration                      40 mins

Improve your circulation with a dry body brush followed by a back mask. Relax with an arm massage whilst the body mask is on. Finish off with a mini massage.

The Back & Face Massage.   

Price                             £18.00

Duration:                    40 mins

Enjoy a mini back massage to help you de-stress, a facial mask is applied after which a scalp massage is then given. Once the mask is removed you will get to enjoy a facial massage.

Hot stones Massages

Re balance your body and mind with a treatment that combines massage techniques with hot and cold stones.

Back and Shoulders  

Price                      £ 18.00

                                                    Duration                 30 mins

Enjoy 30 minutes of intense pleasure with a hot stone massage, relax and unwind in our fully equipped beauty room and allow a trained and experienced beauty therapist to skill fully ease all of your aches and pains.

Full Body Massage 

Price                       £30.00

Duration               1 Hour

If 30 minutes is just not long enough then why not treat yourself to an hour of hot stone therapy.

Body and facial

Price                          £40.00

Duration    1 Hour 30 mins

Pure pleasure awaits those who can withstand 90 minutes of intense pampering.

Enjoy a full body hot stones massage followed by a hot stones facial that is guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate.