Linda Eckert

Linda Eckert, MD, is a University of Washington Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN), and an adjunct Professor in Global Health, with Infectious Disease Fellowship training, whose clinical practice focuses in general OB/GYN, with expertise in vaginal and vulvar infections. Her practice is centered in the Harborview Women’s Clinic where she has been seeing patients since 1992. Dr. Eckert’s research interests focus on the intersection of immunizations with reproductive health and cervical cancer prevention. She works in clinical research trials as well as policy development for cervical cancer screening in low-resource settings, the HPV vaccine, and maternal immunization.

Dr. Eckert is a consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO) and is serving as the coordinator to update WHO recommendations cervical cancer screening. She is currently a technical expert on cervical cancer screening with I-TECH in Botswana, and previously for Malawi and Namibia.

Dr. Eckert also works in the field of maternal immunization. She served as the obstetrics lead for the Global Alignment of Immunization Safety in Pregnancy. She is an investigator for Phase 3 clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine and RSV vaccine in pregnancy. She is a liaison to ACIP for American College of OB/GYN.

She was on the GAVI Immunization Review Committee for six years (international group of experts who review GAVI-eligible country applications for vaccine funding grants), and, after a two year hiatus, was asked and selected to rejoin. She has also consulted with GAVI on GAVI’s HPV vaccine program.

Dr. Eckert is in the process of writing a book on cervical cancer told through collected stories of women with cervical cancer from all over the world. It is an advocacy and educational book, geared toward a non-medical audience, that explains why this preventable cancer is still killing over two women a minute.