Dazzling Nail & Beauty Salon

An Affordable Beauty Salon In Newport


Our Facials are the perfect Indulgent treat that you deserve.
We have a range of luxurious and rejuvenating facials for you to choose from.

Relaxing Taster          

Price                           £ 13.00

Duration                    30 mins

Just enough to get a taste for that pampered feeling, this treatment is a mini facial that will leave you feeling great and give you a fresh and healthy looking glow.

Relaxing Facial 


Price                             £ 18.00

Duration                     55 mins

Cleanse away those impurities and relax your facial muscles with this soothing treatment, guaranteed to leave you feeling pampered and looking fantastic.

Luxury Spa Facial    

Price                              £ 28.00

Duration          1 hour 30 mins

Can you withstand an hour and a half of intense pampering....? Yes then read on.

 Imagine lying back on a cushioned couch in a softly lit beauty room, with scented candles filling the room with aromatic scents whilst gentle spa music creates a soothing and tranquil ambiance.

Relax as a cleanser is applied to the skin eradicating any dull or limp areas and lifting your complexion . Allow your skin to be re energized with a face mask whilst enjoying a mini Indian head massage.

Lymphatic Drainage Facial  

                                                     Price                          £15.00

Duration:                 40 mins  

A'facial with a difference', this facial helps the face disperse of the built up toxins in the surface skin by stimulating the flow of your Lymphatic circulation.

This treat will detoxify the skin and disperse any dullness, leaving you with a clean and fresh complexion.